Society of Diagnostic Engineers

Formed in 1981 the Society of Diagnostic Engineers has championed the recognition of the special knowledge and skills required to detect and diagnose deterioration of plant and machinery for almost thirty years. Its Members cover the globe and bring together the multitude of disciplines in industry today.

With Membership in excess of 1300 and with almost 50% of its members holding Fellowship status IDE membership is recognised worldwide. Eighty-five percent of Membership is UK based but operate both within European borders and abroad. The Membership is so diverse that every level of responsibility and every industry is represented. Managing Directors, Consultants, Senior Engineering Managers, Scientific Officers the academic fraternity and senior staff in the armed forces all contribute to the knowledge base of the Institution.

The Diagnostic Engineer is our Membership Journal. Published bi-monthly its readership are both the current Doctors of industry and the future. Being read in the workplace, the board room, the ships mess and halls of residence our influence in all area`s has been acknowledged by esteemed bodies such as the UK Health & Safety Executive, the British Standards Institute, Universities and Educational Trusts.

The Institution of Diagnostic Engineers supports and encourages the recognition of "Excellence in Industry" its growing Membership of Accredited Partners are amongst the elite of Industry recognised providers of goods and services. With continuing education and development being a foundation stone of the Institution the groundbreaking developments of products and services by these partners and others are quickly communicated to our Membership through our journal and accessible web site.



The Society of Diagnostic Engineers

Collacott House
16 Thistlewood Road
West Yorkshire

Tel: 44(0)1924821000


The Institution is a registered charity under the name of Society of Diagnostic Engineers number 1082296.